Casino VIP Loyalty Program fresh Overview

Welcome to the world of ThePokies net, where loyalty is not just appreciated but richly rewarded! This guide will take you through the ins and outs of their VIP Loyalty Program, designed to make your gaming journey more exciting and rewarding. Let's dive in and discover what makes this program a cut above the rest!

Overview of VIP Loyalty Program Casino rolls out a red carpet for its players with a comprehensive VIP Loyalty Program. Spanning 10 levels, from Bronze to the elite Rhodium, each tier brings its own set of rewards and privileges.

Structure of the Program

VIP Level

Required XP



Starting Level

Entry-Level Access


125 XP

$2.50 in XP Redemption bonuses


625 XP

$10 in XP Redemption bonuses


2,625 XP

$25 instant bonus + $40 in XP Bonuses


10,125 XP

$120 instant bonus + $150 in XP Bonuses


40,125 XP

$600 instant bonus + $600 in XP Bonuses


165,125 XP

$3,000 instant bonus + $2,500 in XP Bonuses


665,125 XP

$15,000 instant bonus + $10,000 in XP Bonuses


2,665,125 XP

$75,000 instant bonus + $40,000 in XP Bonuses


12,665,125 XP

$100,000 instant bonus, Lamborghini Huracan, + $200,000 in XP Bonuses

Main Terms and Conditions

Before you start climbing the VIP ladder, here are some essential terms to keep in mind:

  • Age Requirement: You must be 18 or older to participate.
  • Point Accumulation: Earn 1 XP for every $15 worth of spins.
  • Conversion Rate: Redeem your XP at a rate of 50 XP for $1.00.

Wagering Requirements for VIP Bonuses

The beauty of's VIP Program is its wager-free bonuses at higher levels. This means the bonuses you receive do not require additional wagering and can be used immediately in your gaming adventures.

The Best Bonuses and Offers in VIP Program

Welcome to the VIP World: The Copper Level

  • Get Started: Everyone begins their journey here, with Steel level just 125 XP away.

The Steel Level: Your First Milestone

  • A Step Up: Reach this level by earning 125 XP and start enjoying your first rewards.

Progressing to Chrome and Beyond

  • Keep Climbing: Each new level, from Chrome to Bronze, brings bigger and better rewards, encouraging you to keep spinning and winning.

The Prestigious Gold and Platinum Levels

  • Elite Status: These levels are where the real magic happens, with substantial instant bonuses and lucrative XP Redemption bonuses.

The Ultimate Goal: Rhodium Level

  • The Pinnacle of VIP: Reach this level and not only will you receive a staggering $100,000 bonus and $200,000 in XP Bonuses, but also a brand-new Lamborghini Huracan!

Time Restrictions for VIP Bonuses

Remember, the journey to each level requires dedication and time. Make sure to keep an eye on your progress and don’t let your hard-earned XP go to waste!


  1. How do I join the VIP Loyalty Program at The Pokies? Simply start playing! You're automatically enrolled when you sign up and start earning XP with every spin.
  2. Can I convert my XP into real cash? Absolutely! Convert your XP to real money at the rate of 50 XP for $1.00.

Are there any wagering requirements for the VIP bonuses? Higher levels in the VIP Program offer wager-free bonuses, making them instantly usable.